Constructive solutions for shopping malls

Travi Sud Spa designs, создает and sells precast components and complete solutions for hypermarkets, large and small trading centres.


For those companies that would like to build malls and for engineers that usually work with such projects, Travi Sud offers various solutions


1. Electo system


2. System Electo with sandwich panels


3. Espace system


4. System Pluripiano with floor slabs Alveox, Teca или Multiplo


Depending on specific needs of the customer, we can offer alternative solutions to our clients. Our designers and engineers or contractors will work on it at the stage of making a choice.


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Gallery of constructive solutions for malls

Customized products, cladding, relevant products

Constructive systems

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and offers prefabricated constructive solutions for civil, industrial, commercial, social and residential construction. The solution, given on this page, mau be customized and modified by request of a Customer. For more details or free assistance, please, contact Contact the engineering department of Travi Sud Spa

Door and window frames

There are window and door frames made from aluminum and aluminum/wood for all prefabricated solutions of Travi Sud Spa (casement, sliding, window band; façade traditional, structurеd, hanging, ventilated, doorways, industrial gates, shutters, aluminum shutters and porches). You will find more information on the page Door and window frames.

Photovoltaic roofing

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and sells roofing and covering with photovoltaic systems, used in industrial, commercial and residential construction. Our products are designed to be used in existing buildings or buildings under construction. All systems produced by Travi Sud are considered to be reasonably priced thanks to energy saving. You will find more information on the page Photovoltaic roofing.

About us

Travi Sud produces, delivers and mounts manufactured precast products, that meet all the requirements of companies and engineers, that work in the market of civil, industrial, social, commercial prefabrication, as well as in vocational prefabrication.

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