Complete solutions for public, private and commercial construction

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and sells products for civil, industrial, commercial, social and residential construction.


Our range includes Prefabricated constructive systems, that can be complete with the wide variety of Prefabricated panels, Door and window frames, cladding e individual realization. .


Wide selection of precast floor slabs meets the demands of construction companies for projects of every dimension and application.


We have significant experience in the field of public construction, producing Bridge girders.


Looking into future, we have invested into development of Photovoltaic roofing and covering to integrate them into our prefabricated products, including completed buildings or those that are still under construction.


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Gallery of Travi Sud products

  • Prefabricated system  Wing
  • Prefabricated system  Dyapason
  • Prefabricated system  Electo
  • Prefabricated system  Espace
  • Section of  Alveox hollow-core slabs
  • Multi-storey parking, performed with Alveox
  • Section of concrete floor Multiplo
  • Parking performed with Multiplo
  • Section of concrete floor Teca
  • Parking performed with Teca
  • TIP Bridge girder
  • Bridge girder  of box section (caisson)
  • Panel cladding example
  • Panel cladding example
  • Example of panel with inscription
  • Particular of door and window frames
  • Particular of door and window frames
  • Photovoltaic roofing

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Production complex and Research Center

The area of Travi Sud production complex is 170 000 m2, 42 000 m2 of them are covered, and 1200 m2 are aimed for offices. Our production complex is located in Bonea, Benevento province. There is the Research Center of Travi Sud Spa, which gives our clients chance to receive consultations and training in order to obtain maximum advantages of our products. For more details, please, visit this page.

Quality Certificates

All the products of Travi Sud Spa bear CE mark, indicating compliance with all the requirements of mechanical resistance, fire safety, hygiene, environmental safety, safety in use, noise protection, power efficiency. The quality of our products is certified by ISO 9001:2008. For more details, please, visit Certificates.

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You can call us on 0824 89 11 11 every day from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm 7 pm.


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How to find us

We are located in Bonea, in the province of Benevento, several kilometers from Naples and Caserta. Please, arrange an appointment calling on 0824 89 11 11 to visit our production complex. You can easily find us going from Caserta to south direction (Caserta Sud) and follow the road signs to Benevento. As the alternative you can chose the highway Naples-Bari and leave for Benevento East (Benevento Est).