Production and sales of precast panels

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and sells precast panels for all applications in industrial, commercial, social, residential construction. Our precast panels combine efficiency, operating speed, precise time of installation, assistance of maintenance.


4 panels for all demands

Our precast panels may be flat, lightweight, with insulation layer and with thermal insulation in accordance with the requirements of the Law 311 in respect of energy efficiency in construction.


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Travi Sud panels are the items of vertical and horizontal extension, which can be combined with each other to give unique appearance to the building in architectural sense.


Depending on the requirements of the project or architectural demands, we offer different colors and materials for internal and external cladding.


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Fire resistance and acoustic insulation

All panels produced by Travi Sud have variable fire properties, depending on the Customer's project. The panels may be designed and produced to meet the requirements of the Customer on acoustic insulation within D.P.C.M. 15/12/1997 and according to the corresponding norms of superficial mass.


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Gallery of Travi Sud Spa precast panels

Customized products, cladding, relevant products

Panels for all constructive systems

IPrecast panels, described on this page, may be applied with all prefabricated constructive systems of Travi Sud Spa and prefabricated products of any dimension and use.


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Door and window frames

IThere are window and door frames made from aluminum and aluminum/wood for prefabricated panels (casement, window band, sliding; façade traditional, structurеd, hanging, ventilated, doorways, industrial gates, shutters, aluminum shutters and porches). You will find more information on the page Door and window frames Travi Sud Spa.

Customized products

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and sells cornices, portals, main entrance panels and customized panels as well as panels with text, logos and brand marks. These components are ideal for customized precast components of any dimension or application. They serve also to improve the appearance of the building. You will find more information on the page Customized products.


All precast panels, produced by Travi Sud, can be finished with different solutions that improve aesthetic appearance, creating pleasant external and internal image of the building. Cladding of different colors and materials are available, meeting all possible architectural or design requirements. You will find more information on the page Cladding.