Dyapason System: elegant, functional, light precast item.

Dyapason system is the precast concrete system, that combines competitive price and aesthetic elegance. The central component of the system is the girder Dyapason of V-form, manufactured from prestressed reinforced concrete of width=60 cm or 80 сm, height= 85 or 120 cm.


The Dyapason girder is able to reach large size, which means that it can be used in premises of industrial, artisan, commercial, exhibition, administrative purpose, where the higher level of insulation is required. Extremely light weight of the structure allows reduce expenditures during foundation construction.


Fire resistance achieves R=90

The precast concrete unit Dyapason has fire resistance R=90, that seems to be ideal according to industrial and trading norms. For those companies, that require products of higher fire resistance level, we offer Dyapason Systems, provided with the fire resistance R=120


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Projects, realized with Dyapason System

Customized products, cladding, relevant products

Prefabricated panels

Constructive system Dyapason may be customized and finished with prefabricated panels made from precompressed reinforced concrete or vibrated reinforced concrete, including ribbed, light-weight, flat panels and panels with thermal insulation. You will find complete information about our Prefabricated panels in combination with Sistema Dyapason. Moreover, you can read also about cornices, portals, and customized panels as well as panels with text.

Roof covering

yapason system is completed with the specific roof covering that offers combination with sandwich panels, fixed by trapezoidal elements with the help of corresponding fastening tools . By request of a Customer Travi Sud provides also the roof covering with the thermal transmittance within the limits, settled by Decree №311/2006. You will find more information on the page Dyapason roof covering

Door and window frames

There are window and door frames made from aluminum and aluminum/wood for prefabricated Dyapason system (casement, sliding, window band; façade traditional, structurеd, hanging, ventilated, doorways, industrial gates, shutters, aluminum shutters and porches). You will find more information on the page Door and window frames Travi Sud Spa.

Photovoltaic roofing

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and sells roofing and covering with photovoltaic systems, used in industrial, commercial and residential construction. Our products are designed to be used in existing buildings or buildings under construction. All systems produced by Travi Sud are considered to be reasonably priced thanks to energy saving. You will find more information on the page Photovoltaic roofing.