Production and sales of bridge girders

Travi Sud Spa designs, produces and sells TIP and V bridge girders or so-called «caisson girders».


TIP Bridge girders

TIP Precast bridge girder produced from precompressed reinforced concrete, gives vast versatility in use for all categories of bridges, including viaduct, underpasses or subways, overpasses, elevated roads etc.

You can find the additional information on the page TIP Bridge girders.


V/Caisson Bridge girders

Caisson bridge girder manufactured by Travi Sud Spa is the girder for bridge decking, produced from precompressed reinforced concrete with the correspondent section of 40 cm min height and 110 cm max height, the basis 80 cm and upper base max 300 cm. The size of bridge decking may achieve 24 m and it satisfies the requirements for bridge decking with first category loads according to the regulations of D.M. 14.01.2008 «Technical norms of construction»

You can find the additional information on the page V/Caisson bridge girders.


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About us

Travi Sud produces, delivers and mounts manufactured precast products, that meet all the requirements of companies and engineers, that work in the market of civil, industrial, social, commercial prefabrication, as well as in vocational prefabrication. For more details about our company, please, visit About company

Quality Certificates

All the products of Travi Sud Spa bear CE mark, indicating compliance with all the requirements of mechanical resistance, fire safety, hygiene, environmental safety, safety in use, noise protection, power efficiency. The quality of our products is certified by ISO 9001:2008. For more details, please, visit Certificates.

How to find us

We are located in Bonea, in the province of Benevento, several kilometers from Naples and Caserta. Please, arrange an appointment calling on 0824 89 11 11 to visit our production complex. You can easily find us going from Caserta to south direction (Caserta Sud) and follow the road signs to Benevento. As the alternative you can chose the highway Naples-Bari and leave for Benevento East (Benevento Est).