TIP Bridge girders

TIP Precast bridge girder produced from precompressed reinforced concrete is the ideal solution for construction of bridges.


Bridge girder is characterized by constant section and various heights from 100 cm to 180 cm (body from 10cm to 18 cm); TIP has good versatility in use for all types of bridges.


The decking may achieve 30 m in size and it satisfies the requirements for bridge decking with first, second and third category of loads according to the regulations of D.M. 14.01.2008 "Technical norms of construction"


Application of TIP girders

TIP Bridge girder is пsolution for decking of automobile and railway bridges, inckuding viaducts, subways or underpasses, overpasses, elevated roads etc.


The girder certified by СЕ

In accordance with the directive 89/106/CEE section «Products for construction», girders bear СЕ mark according to EN15050: control certificate of factory production 0925 СРD № 15.2010


Various loads on the surface are defined by Loads Scheme, described in chapter of DM 14.01.2008.


Depending on principle characteristics and geometry values, определяется the category and load scheme are defined.


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